Multidisciplinary Structural Optimization

Multidisciplinary optimization system for the detailed design of lightweight structures.

Simulation of NC Machining

Simulation and collision-avoidance for computer-controlled, multifunctional machining centers.




The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, is the largest and most complex experiment in the history of particle physics. To produce different elementary particles, the particle accelerator lets hadrons collide at nearly light speed. What is especially hoped for is that the Higgs-Boson particle – the last, still unaccounted particle of the Standard Model of particle physics – will be experimentally detected.

EU Project PRACE

“Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe” – the European HPC research infrastructure.

Technoplast 3D Tool Construction and Simulation

Technoplast plastics engineering is an international vendor of tools for PVC- and WPC extrusion, with specialisation in the production of machines and tools for window profile industry. Technoplast selected RISC to support the change of the central development environment from 2D to 3D, aiming to automate the process of tool construction as far as possible.

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