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The company Frauscher Sensor Technology GmbH is a leading developer and manufacturer of wheel detection and axle counting systems for railways. The sensors are fastened to the rails and count the axles of the passing trains.

By counting at the beginning and end of each track section, it is determined whether a train is in a leg. If this is not the case, the leg can be used for other trains. This is based on a sophisticated and innovative technology. The implementation of the projection of this safety-critical process in the vicinity of rail systems is realized by the Frauscher Configuration Tool simpler, clearer and in a less time- consuming way. The configuration of the entire system has been made easy and intuitive with the help of a modern user interfaces. The .NET platform is used as the software platform and standardized interfaces were created using XML.

With the Frauscher Configuration Tool, the schematic structure of documents such as track layout or control cabinet layouts can be easily and uncomplicatedly illustrated by drag & drop.

Through pre-defined grids for all element groups, a correct representation in the current document is given. The user selects building blocks from a list of predefined standard elements such as railway lines and switches, counters, cabinets or sensors, which he uses in the plan.

The attributes used for the individual elements, with their value ranges and possible logical relations, are defined by the XML specification of Frauscher; these represent the basic library. The attributes of the elements inserted in the plan can be correctly parameterized by the customer with standard property dialogs.
However, the creation and management of all logical relations is also supported with simple dialogs and tools. Relations between elements can be created or modified.

In order to simplify recurring operations with the tool, an easy way to store individual modules for the user was created. Each user can therefore develop and manage his/her own libraries.

Thanks to the standardized XML output format of the individual documents in a project, individual plans with applications of the Frauscher company can be processed further. So these are checked, for example, for plausibility and accuracy. Any errors can be immediately marked in the plan, and a correction is very easy for the user.

With this new tool for project planning, configuration, simulation and adaptation in the context of rail infrastructure, Frauscher provides a user-friendly and intuitive software tool to its customers. 

Photo: Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH


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